Monday, February 8, 2010

Key to My Heart Necklace

Just in time for Valentine's Day. I personally love this holiday, whether I'm in a relationship or not. I just love that there's a day to love people- friends, family, significant others, and I love wearing red, it's probably one of my favourite colours. I have to say though, that this is the first time, since I started beading 6 years ago that I've made any jewelry for Valentine's Day.

This was my first necklace made out of individual links, not strands. I took six red swirl heart
beads that I got from and created wire wrapped loops on the top and bottom of the beads, then I took some heart-shaped silver spacer beads by Blue Moon and repeated the process, creating wire-wrapped loops on both ends of the spacer beads.

There's 16 of them in total. I then used a jump ring to connect the silver spacer beads and the red heart beads, creating two separate lengths of chain. I spaced the red hearts every third bead, being careful to keep the bottoms of each heart pointing down towards where I intended to hang the pendants.

After I had created my two separate lengths of chain, I then used another jump ring to hang the key and the heart. To that jump ring, I attached a second which
I connected the two separate chains to to create the body of the necklace.

The two pendants I have used are:
* Poetiques Love Note (heart) by Blue Moon beads and
* Lost & Found Skeleton Key pendant

Almost done, I then attached another jump ring to the other end of both chains, to which I attached a heart-shaped antique silver toggle clasp, by Jewelry Essentials, pictured at right.

All in all, it's a fairly simple design. The most time consuming part, was all the wiring wrapping I had to do but the end effect is quite cute and very flirty and I certainly can't wait to wear it for Valentine's Day.

The bead product, red swirl
heart beads was provided to me by free of charge.
I am part of their blogging project
and have not been paid for my use or
opinion of the above product(s).

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