Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Found It!!!

So while in the midst of rushing around like a chicken w/my head cut off, doing all my last minute preps for my vacation, I found the bead stuff I misplaced and was really upset about losing. Now, I guess it's better late than never that I finally get to do my blogging for beaders stuff but still. . . I really wish I had the time, space, energy and motivation to get and stay organized >.<

While on vacation down here in North Carolina I found an adorable, charming little bead store. It was called "A Place to Bead" and they had a wonderful collection of cloisonne and little charms (y'all know how much I love my charm bracelets!). I'm so glad I found this place. I try so hard when I travel to find little hole- in- the- wall places like this to get fun stuff from and this was seriously one of those blink and you miss it sort of deals.

Anyways, I'm happy to say I got some nifty nautical themed beads and charms (this IS the beach after all!) and w/my new work schedule I will be returning to my jewelry and sewing endeavors w/a vengeance, as soon as I get home from the beach!

Tomorrow my mission will be to find a nice little fabric/quilting store to get some fun fabrics at!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Design Classes

I'm happy to announce that I've enrolled in several fashion design classes at my local community college starting in September :D very excited stay tuned to see what crazy antics ensue!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011


So I'm happy to announce that a bunch of components to the spring upcycling challenge that I had on backorder FINALLY came in! I can FINALLY finish my upcycling project!!!


or not. . . my box that I kept all my upcycling stuff in has gone missing :/ I'm very frustrated. . . I'm afraid it might've gotten thrown out b/c of my mom "straightening" things up and not knowing what's what. . . I'll keep looking but idk what's gonna happen -___-

Friday, June 17, 2011

Too Long/ Luck of the Irish Keychain

gah. . . it's been too long. . . I really need to update this more. Please, believe me, my silence doesn't mean I'm not creating. I am, I just can't post anything >.<

I am a member on and like facebook, DA also has groups. One of the groups that I've gotten involved w/recently is called ArtCrossing. I'm having a blast w/it. Basically you make a profile then you get assigned a profile. You make a gift based on the profile you've received and mail it to that person. It's like a chain letter but w/gifts.

I've been having a lot of fun w/it. It's a lot easier to create when you're doing it for a specific person and you don't have the pressure of giving them their money's worth. The only problem is, the addresses I've been given have been wrong :/ so my packages keep being returned to me. I can't post pics of the gifts I've made til the recipient receives them which is really annoying and it's driving me crazy b/c I'm really super proud of some of the stuff I've been doing of late and I really feel that w/everything going on in my personal life that it's been therapeutic to my creative juices.

I've gotten into making funky key chains like this one:

I love the visual dynamic that clusters create while at the same time being so elegant and intricate and hey, lets be honest, there's no "right" way or "wrong" way to create these clusters so you can really do w/e you want w/them.

In this case, 4 mm olivine czech druk beads frolick gayly amongst a series of cascading shamrocks (removed from a series of very unfortunate St. Patty's Day souvenirs) highlighting the playful and friendly nature that us Irish tend to have.

This keychain is a great way to accentuate your car or house keys w/o adding the bulk that lanyards tend to have and the lovely tinkling noise that the beads make clacking against each other is sure to remind you of the giggles of the wee folk frolicking out amongst the heather.

The Products:
in olivine were provided
to me by free of charge.
I am part of their blogging project
and have not been paid for my use or
opinion of the above product(s).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bubbles in the Frog Pond

I've really been getting into cascading and cluster jewelry. I really like clusters of bright colours but not over the top. I like functional as well as fashionable and this adorable little copper frog's been sitting in my box for months now.

I need to stop ordering druk beads too, I keep ordering them to use and keep getting them w/my art beads projects and I've completely and utterly failed at keeping track of what colours I have and what colours I need!

Anyways, this little guy's hung on an 18-inch copper chain surrounded by 4 and 6mm czech glass druk beads in rosaline, smoke topaz, topaz, light amethyst, dark green, olivine, and light yellow. I kept getting the chain twisted lol, I must've rearranged those druk beads a dozen times. It's a great time killer sitting at the pool at 6 AM on a Saturday morning XD

The bead products:
in rosaline, smoke topaz, topaz, light amethyst,
dark green, olivine, and light yellow were provided
to me by free of charge.
I am part of their blogging project
and have not been paid for my use or
opinion of the above product(s).

Cameo Ring

okay, so I don't normally make rings but I wanted to do something different. There wasn't a whole lot of rocket science involved in this one, just a 13 x 18mm resin cameo, some E6000 epoxy, and a silver plated brass ring setting . The setting's adjustable but I had some issues making it any bigger than a 9 or smaller than a 7 but it's pretty, it's simple, and it's understated and elegant :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Apologies for My Long Absence

My apologies for being absent and neglecting my blog. I've been creating, I just haven't been online much. I work three jobs and in addition to that I've been dealing w/a lot of family drama (unexpected deaths and the dissolution of my parents marriage among other things), but I'm not dead.

I've been busy. I've got a facebook page now LA Felice Pesce Designs and my own website, as well as my own etsy page, I've got some listings but nothing's sold yet :( I'm working on getting my projects in order and updated. I'm also teaching jewelry classes w/a group of middle schoolers which is pretty cool.

Stay tuned, I promise there's more stuff coming soon. Feel free to check out the above links where you can see some of what I have yet to post here.