Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Wear My Heart. . . Cell Phone Charm

Just in time for Valentines day. This design is really simple. I'd had these cell phone charm things sitting in my craft box for a while and well, w/all the fun new beads I've been getting from, I needed to get rid of them, make some space, so I decided to make some cell phone charms. Unfortunately, my cell phone doesn't have anywhere that I could hang these from so I'm offering them up for sale.

For this design, I hung an antiqued silver heart charm w/a filigree pattern on it from the jump ring on the cell phone charm form then to create a cascade effect, for I do so love my danglies, I hung a length of silver chain from the jump ring so it would dangle below the heart.

To the length of chain I added 3 different sets of beads that included 3 glass beads of a funky geometric shape, alternating b/t a nice dark red and pink. On the red beads, I added a lighter red biconal, and to the pink bead, I added a 6mm czech fire polished glass bead in garnet w/an AB finish from

This cell phone charm is available is for sale, $15 USD. If you're interested, you can contact me at

Legal Stuff
The bead product, 6mm Czech Fire Polished
glass garnet beads were provided to
me by free of charge.
I am part of their blogging project
and have not been paid for my use or opinion of
the above products.


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  2. Those charms are really cute. Looks like you have hundreds of them, or more. Do you mind if I ask how many charms you have? How long have you been collecting all of these? I really love your collections! There’s just so much cuteness, and it makes me smile. Well, I hope you get to have more charms. I had fun looking at these photos. Enjoy!

    Nelson Tillmon