Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Erin's Butterfly

This is a necklace I put together as a gift for a friend's bday. I wanted to give her something that was pretty and elegant w/just a touch of gothic to it.

I love cascades so I tried to create a simple cascade to focus on the central butterfly. On one side, I placed a skeleton key charm, a red glass wire-wrapped bicone, and a monogram "E" on the left side of the butterfly since we read left to right.

On the right side of the butterfly, I placed an "L" charm, another red wire-wrapped bicone, and a fleur-di-lys. I also placed a silver and red-enamel flower blossom farther up on the chain. Originally, I had hung it on the clasp but found it to be too heavy and rather annoying against the back of my neck (I always give my pieces a test run before ever giving them to anyone).

There's not a whole lot on this necklace as far as "beading" is concerned but working w/chains and metal involved a whole 'nother skill set and can be quite frustrating.

It doesn't help that I'm so beyond guilty of being a perfectionist. I take the charms and beads off the chain and re-attach it til it hangs just the way I want it to lol and it can get to be rather time consuming.

For such a simple necklace, I spent most of an afternoon putting it together before I was satisfied with it.

I gave it to my friend yesterday for her bday. I was a few days late but she was gone on her actual bday and I didn't see her in classes before yesterday. But even being late, she still absolutely loved it and was amazed that anyone would take the time to actually make something special, specifically for her.

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