Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

I know it's a bit late but I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. It was rather icky and rainy here but I'm glad we didn't get the freezing rain and snow they had originally called for. My Christmas was pretty good, if a bit long.

I stayed up til 2:30 Christmas morning finishing up some of my xmas gifts and was woken up by my brother at 7 AM to open presents. Needless to say I was a little grumpy and I woke up not feeling too great (still don't feel very good). I got some nice stuff- a really pretty green sweater, some new games for my wii, my favourite gift was a brand new sewing machine. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet but hopefully in the next few days once all the Christmas stuff dies down.

I finally managed to get my car out today and got to drive into town. It felt good to get away from the family for a little bit. I took a trip down to the local bead shop and to my delight, their doing their end-of-the-year clearance sale and I got some real pretty tubes of seed beads, as well as some Swarovski crystal beads, all of it on sale for 50% off. I'll hopefully resume the projects I currently have on hold.

I also went to Michaels today. I needed more silver chain for one of my projects and while I was there, there happened to be a grandma and her granddaughter shopping the beads. The granddaughter had just learned to make jewelry so grandma wanted to get her the right stuff to keep it up and they had no idea what they were doing or looking for. I ended up in a conversation with them, an impromptu lesson, showing them how the different tools worked, how to make a loop, ear wires, the different between the different gauged wires and threads, and what not. After I had spent a good 20 mins helping them, another lady came up to me and was like "you seem to know what you're doing, could you help me too?" so I ended up repeating the whole process!!!

It was pretty cool having people turn to me for crafting help today, now I need to make some business cards to give people so they can contact me when they need help instead of writing my info down on a scrap of paper so they can contact me in the future.

I can't believe how quickly it seems things are taking off for me. Maybe I can pick up some extra money offering lessons or whatnot. I've taught myself a lot of what I know and I love to teach others new things too. I'm hoping to teach myself Peyote stitching this year. I have a lovely pattern that a Bead Society lady gave for a flower broach that uses peyote stitch but I've never been able to quite get it right :( so maybe this will be the year, riding on the tide of good fortune I've had of late.

My grandmother's coming down tomorrow, supposed to stay for a few days. She's a seamstress by trade so I'm hoping she can show me a few tricks while she's here because I have an idea that's sort of nagging at me in the back of my head for a bead-trimmed throw blanket. I want to give it a try, even if it doesn't have any real practical use, it just seems like a pretty idea so I'm hoping she can teach me some embroidery stitches to make use of.

I hope everyone has a good and safe upcoming New Year's Celebration, weather permitting you get to celebrate at all!!!

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